NodeUtil Lonworks Utility

What happens if you need to learn about a Lonworks network and it devices but you haven’t been provided with the database or if you don’t have LonMaker?

NodeUtil is a Lonworks utility that can be used to explore Lonworks networks and devices without having LonMaker. All you need is a device such as an Echelon U10/U20 USB Network Interface.

Using NodeUtil you can discover devices , learn about the Domains, SubNets, NodeID’s. You can also upload the XIF file from specific nodes.

Download NodeUtil:

Nodeutil v1.24

Nodeutil v1.46

You can find all of these downloads on the PASStec homepage here.


Another useful utility is XIFDUMP. It is a report generator (DOS), and it allows you to generate reports (text file) from a XIF files.

To get the Downloads for  XIFDUMP and Nodeutil v1.82 Register at the download is free:

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