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Irisys Thermal Camera Powers People Counting for New Smart Building Solution

— Chipkin Automation Systems and Feedback Solutions enter Joint Venture to Integrate People Counting Solution and Building Automation System —

ATLANTA (April 29, 2013) – The Irisys IRC 3020 People Counter – the latest model in the Irisys Thermal Array-based People Counter family – is a key component to a new integrated Smart Building solution that helps property and building managers generate huge savings on their energy bills.

The Gateway, developed as a joint venture between Chipkin Automation Systems and Feedback Solutions, is among the first Smart Building systems to integrate thermal People Counting technology.

“The Gateway brings to life the newest generation of Smart Building technology,” says Jeff Riordan, business development director for Irisys. “The introduction of People Counting data into this system gives it more advanced capabilities – and more opportunities to cut a facility’s energy consumption and operating costs.”

Integrating People Counting technology into a Smart Building system helps derive deeper, more accurate data and actionable analytics about a facility’s occupancy and utilization – and it is gaining ground as a key tool toward understanding the flow of people within a building, as well as occupancy and other facility trends.

A thermal People Counting solution detects building users by their body heat and is well suited for Smart Building technology because of its accuracy in all lighting conditions; minimal energy requirements; and ease of set-up and maintenance. And because a thermal system detects body only heat – instead of taking pictures or video – it protects building users’ privacy.

Integrating People Counting capabilities with a Building Automation System (BAS) that controls HVAC systems can reduce energy consumption and expenses. The Gateway seamlessly brings together Chipkin Automation Solutions and Feedback Solutions’ technologies to feed accurate count and occupancy data to a BAS that uses BACnet, Modbus, JSON, SNMP, and other protocols. The resulting data helps automation providers identify strategic optimization and trigger-control opportunities.

Chipkin Automation Systems, headed by President Peter Chipkin, has a demonstrated track record of providing highly effective integration interfaces and deep expertise developing and deploying remote monitoring, control and integration solutions. Visit Chipkin Automation Systems for more information.

Feedback Solutions is headed by Chandan Chowdhury, an industry veteran with more than 20 years of international experience in the People Counting market. Visit Feedback Solutions for more information.

About Irisys

Irisys is a global innovator in award-winning technologies that make a significant, measurable impact on business efficiency and improve the quality of people’s lives. Irisys is the global leader in people counting technologies and real-time checkout management solutions. Its infrared thermal imaging solutions are used by some of the world’s leading retailers to boost customer service, operational efficiency and profitability. Irisys pioneered the introduction of low cost thermal imaging cameras for industrial applications and its security technologies are predicted to transform the intruder detection market. Irisys healthcare solutions aim to make hospitals safer and cleaner, and improve home monitoring for the elderly and infirm. Learn more at Irisys.


CAS Data Clients (Loggers)

CAS Data Clients (Loggers) support event reporting.

Our Data Clients can call you when there is an alarm.

  • Call you on your phone, reading a text to voice message.
  • Text you on your phone using SMS.
  • Email you.
  • Send your Android or iPhone a notification.

And they do data logging as well – recording current data, time stamping it, displaying it, serving it for Web / Enterprise applications, archiving it, rendering it on animated graphic pages. And they can push the data out to a web site which can act as both a repository of the data as well as provide visualization and graphics. Data Clients read field data using RS232, RS485 or Ethernet. They support many protocols such as Modbus, BACnet, SNMP etc.

Get more CAS Data Loggers information.


Insane Water, Ice and Rust-Proof Coating

This spray-can coating completely repels water and hence also prevents ice accumulation and rust development. The manufacturer claims that items sprayed retain the waterproofness in sea water for over 1 year.

After a lengthy development, NeverWet is finally in stores and usually costs around $20 per can. A silicone-based ultra-hydrophobic coating, the waterproofing system is a two-step process, with one can covering about 10-15 square feet. The demonstration videos are amazing and showcase the coating’s ultra-waterproofing abilities.

This chart shows how hydrophobic this material is.


Read more about NeverWet

Watch Video: NeverWet Arrives – Hands-On Product Demonstration

Videos & News Hydrophobic Coating NeverWet

Peter Chipkin Pays Respect to His Father – Clive Chipkin

In June 2013 Clive Chipkin received an honorary doctorate from Wits University in Johannesburg for his outstanding contribution to the profession of architecture, and to scholarship and research since the 1960s.

Clive Chipkin, who has been called the ‘preeminent’ architectural historian of Johannesburg, graduated with a B Arch degree from Wits University in 1954. In his scholarship and professional life he has demonstrated leadership and has sought to make a difference in the lives of many students and colleagues.

Congratulations Dad. We are all proud of you.

For more information, read the Wits University News.


Overview of CAS Employees

Vipin Nair

Vipin is from the lush green city of Kasaragod, Kerala, India. Kerala is the Southern-most part of India, and also one of the more beautiful areas of India. It is known for its beaches, and tropical climate as well as a very colourful and ancient history and culture. Vipin loves traditional South Indian Food but he has been known to eat Punjabi, Mexican and Chinese (sometimes even for breakfast!) the hotter the better. Often in parts of India the meals are predominantly vegetarian but Vipin considers himself a chicken lover, from Tandoori to hot and spicy. Vipin completed his schooling and college in Kerala, with a diploma in mechanical engineering. He came to work for Chipkin Automation after putting his resume in local popular job portals. He has been working with CAS since November 2012 in sales. This involves talking directly to customers, which is a great skill of his. He enjoys this aspect of the job because he is a people person and is good at breaking the ice with our customers and putting them at ease. He is very knowledgeable about our products and services and will happily find resolutions to suit the needs of any caller. He is an invaluable part of our team and we all know we can depend on him to accurately represent us.

Vipin standing quite close to one of his favourite things: chicken!

Hitarth Joshipura

Hitarth comes from Rajkot, Gujarat in India. His interests include eating foreign cuisines (but of the vegetarian variety) such as Italian and Mexican but also loves his homecooked Indian cuisines such as Punjabi and of course, Gujarati. If Hitarth had the money and the time, he would never stop travelling. In fact, it is his natural ability to make friends with people from across the world and from various cultures and backgrounds that makes him a great asset to the Chipkin Automation Systems team.

Hitarth has been working with Chipkin Automation Systems since January 16th, 2012 – 18 months in total and he applied for the job via a local job board. He works in Technical Support which means he sells our Fieldservers, CRS Gateways and other products. He is knowledgeable about integrating many different protocols. Part of supporting our customers involves Hitarth preparing and configuring files to send to clients, so he has a vast wealth of knowledge about our products to draw from.


Hitarth and his lovely wife Devangi.

Sandeep Puri

Sandeep is from Chandigarh, Punjab , India, and he stays in Ambala and Gurgaon. Ambala is known for it’s large Indian Army and Airforce presence.

Sandeep has a Bachelor in Technology for Engineering in Computers Sciences as well as a Masters in Finance and Marketing(M.B.A.). He has worked at CAS for the past few months as a Support Engineer and a Sales Assistant. He loves Italian cuisine, watching movies (Inception is his favourite), and playing guitar. He is also known to spend a few hours playing his favourite video game Delta Force Black Hawk Down.

Sandeep’s father retired recently as a Professor in Botany and his mother retired as a Lecturer in Economics.

Sandeep has a very rich and colourful ancestry. His grandfather was a Captain in the British Army and fought against Japan in World War 2 and Sandeep considers him to be his role model and has saved many of his medals and wartime memorabilia including his War medal and his Independence medal. Unfortunately, his grandfather’s India Service Medal has not been recovered.

His grandfather, Capt. J.P. Puri was also awarded the Burma Star for the courage and bravery he showed in the War in 1939-1945. Interestingly, Capt. Puri was in charge of the security of during the entire voyage of the train in which Mahatma Gandhi’s body Was carried for his last rites. He was also the first Hindu Civil Services officer of Independent India. Sandeep’s grandmother also played a role in wartime and she served in the Telecom Wing of The British. She is originally from Kent in England.

We are very excited to have Sandeep on board our team and look forward to a great working relationship!

Sandeep with members of his family.

The Most Useless Machine EVER!

The Most Useless Machine EVER


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