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People Counting Technology

People Counting Technology is a simple system that automates counting the number of people entering through an entrance or exit. People counting solutions have been in the market for over a decade with major retailers, casinos, shopping malls, building management as well as libraries using this technology to understand:

  • Conversions
  • Traffic Patterns
  • Justify funding requests and usage
  • Modify product placements / pricing
  • Launch promotions
  • Plan staff deployment


Why Count People In Building

  • Understand traffic flow – movement of people IN and OUT of the building – floor – room
  • Understand occupancy levels in a room – floor – building
  • Control Ventilation System based on actual occupancy
  • React faster to changes in your IAQ (Internal Air Quality)
  • Interface with any ‘Building Automation System’ (BAS)


Using Occupancy in Smart Building



Using Real-Time-Accurate Occupancy Data to Save on Energy



Real-Time Occupancy – Normal Use

How the system works



Real-Time Occupancy – Extended Use

How the system works



Few Reports – Daily Visitor Count



Few Reports – Occupancy across a day



Few Reports – Visitor Counts across a week



Few Reports – Occupancy across a week



Few Reports – Actual Ventilation Requirement across a day


About Us



Infrared Integrated Systems Ltd, generally called Irisys, is a global leader in thermal imaging, people counting technologies and real time queue management solutions. Irisys infrared arrays are used by many of the world’s leading retailers, banks, transport hubs and leisure facilities to improve customer service, operational efficiency and profitability. Founded in 1996, the privately held company is based near Northampton in the UK. It has offices in the US and Germany, and partners throughout the world.

Chipkin Automation Systems

Chipkin Automation systems is a specialist engineering company excelling in areas of protocol conversion and system integration. Established in 2000, Chipkin automation system has made a long journey providing niche solutions for building automation systems integration. Chipkin automation system has been leaving an impression by providing excellent services worldwide.

Feedback Solutions

Feedback Solutions was launched in July 2012 with the objective of providing a platform where companies can utilize our expertise as a ‘People Counting Technology’ provider to design and develop solutions that utilize Count Data to address specific needs within the company. Solutions that will not only help them but one that can be applied by many more.

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