November 2006 Newsletter

New ! Cable Free Modbus
Save on cabling. Perform easy temporary installations, Conduct tests, Cross the street, Connect remote buildings. All these and many more benefits from using wireless Modbus RTU.
“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”
Often the barrier to measuring data is the cost/effort of installation. Reduce this cost and effort dramatically with Modhopper.


  • No PC/Software Configuration
  • Up to 128 devices
  • Up to 1500ft per hop
  • Up to 19200 baud on serial connection
  • No Wireless Licenses
  • Self Meshing


New ! Cable Free Modbus Applications
Accountability Metering:
Accountability metering is a term used to describe the use of meters, sensors and software in commercial and industrial facilities to ensure that users are using energy efficiently. This process can be used to compare total usage for a number of different facilities or to measure energy usage within a single facility (a.k.a. behind-the-meter monitoring) or both. The purpose is to make users accountable for conforming to best practices in energy usage.

Tenant Sub-metering:
Tenant sub-metering is a broad term applied to the use of hardware and software to bill tenants in commercial facilities for their actual usage of energy. The goals of tenant sub-metering are: 1) to ensure that the owner recovers the cost of energy from tenants, and 2) to make sure that tenants with high energy usage are not subsidized by those with lower usage.

Measurement and Verification of Energy Retrofit Projects:
Meters and sensors are installed in a facility to monitor the energy savings from energy retrofit projects on systems such as lighting and HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning). The sensors are connected to a data acquisition server (DAS) or building control system (BCS) and the run times or energy consumption are measured and compared to energy usage prior to the installation.

Data Center Monitoring:
The data acquisition server (DAS) is used to monitor the electrical loads and environmental conditions in Internet data centers. Specialized multiple circuit monitors from Veris Industries provide a cost effective means of monitoring loads on individual circuits in both new and retrofit installations.

System Integration and Data Acquisition:
Collect data from remote field devices with Modbus RU serial ports without installing cables . Combine Modhopper and FieldServers to perform easy cable free system integration applications. Collect field data from serial devices even if the field device does not support Modbus RTU. Examples. Fire Alarm Panels., HVAC equipment, sensors.

On-Site Support
In October 2006 we were on-site in Calgary, AB helping customers integrate data from Power distribution systems, Branch Circuit Monitoring, UPS Monitoring, Generator Synch control and other field devices.
We can provide an engineer to support you during installation and commissioning. Add our FieldServer, BAS and PLC skills and you know you have the right team working for you.

Chipkin Auotmation Systems
Please feel free to contact us.

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