November 2006 BACnet Newsletter

CAS BACnet Explorer / Browser

CAS BACnet explorer is an application for detecting, monitoring, reporting and commanding BACnet IP and BACnet Ethernet devices on your network.

The tool detects BACnet devices and displays network, device and point information. All properties are read and displayed. Some can be commanded.

Save the device/point trees to disk for later analysis or print them to XML or HTML reports.

Use an inexpensive BACnet router to connect and monitor MSTP networks too.


Fantastic reports and multiple report formats – see the level of detail you require.

CAS BACnet Watchdog

Who changed the setpoint? Why did that device stop?

The BACnet protocol does not support authorization or authentication. Use our tool to monitor where those commands that changed set points or device states came from. Monitor all /some devices/objects/properties.

Records MAC addresses, IP address, messages and other information useful in tracking down unauthorised / unexpected commands. Easy to install, easy to use.

For for more infomation visit the CAS BACnet WatchDog page

BACnet Integration

FieldServers support the following BACnet protocols. The can be configured as clients / servers or both.

BACnet Peer to Peer
BACnet Arcnet
BACnet Ethernet

For a limited time; if you purchase a FieldServer from us which uses a BACnet protocol we will provide a license for the browser for free. Our competitors retail their browser at US$795.

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