March 2006 Newsletter

New FieldServer – The FS30 series provides a lower cost solution when multiple serial ports are required. ?
FS30 series provides 2x RS232 Ports, 2x RS485 Ports and 2x Ethernet Ports

Previously application which required two serial ports were forced to use the FS40 series at a higher price.

FieldServers connect devices by supporting over 110 different protocols.

Caterpillar in your basement ?

Do you need to integrate a Caterpillar Generator or Diesel engine into your SNMP or building automation using BACnet or Metasys by JCI ? Case study

GE Lighting Controls

Need to integrate GE’s Total Lighting Control (TLC) systems into BACnet, Lonworks and other networks?

This smart FieldServer driver is easy to configure and can auto-configure itself as a BACnet server.

We can provide a FieldServer driver and integration solutions for TLC. Use a FieldServer, equipped with this driver to connect a GE network’s Rlink device to any of FieldServer’s protocols.

The driver is capable of polling for status data, sending commands to operate the relays, sending commands as if a PSS switch had been operated, receiving unsolicited status messages from the TLC network.

It can also allow GE / WinControl software to tunnel through the FieldServer to configure the TLC devices without requiring an additional Rlink.

On-Site Support

In Feb 2006 we were on-site in Lima Peru helping Siemens test and install FieldServers using Profibus, MXL and Modbus.

We can provide an engineer to support you during installation and commissioning. Add our FieldServer, BAS and PLC skills and you know you have the right team working for you.

Peter Chipkin at ‘Central Callhuanca’ hydro plant, Peru

Custom Driver Development

Own a piece of legacy equipment that you cannot integrate. Chipkin Automation Systems can help with the development of a custom communication driver which can connect your legacy equipment to devices using over 120 other protocols.

Chipkin Automation Systems can provide

  • FieldServer’s
  • System Integration
  • Total Solutions as a package

Talk to use about your needs.
Call Peter Chipkin at 1-866-383-1657

Metasys® as used in this document is a trademark of Johnson Controls, Inc.

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