June 2005 Newsletter

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Integration Problems?

Devices wont talk to each other?

Use a FieldServer !
FieldServers connect devices by supporting over 110 different protocols.

Chipkin Automation Systems can provide

  • FieldServer’s
  • System Integration
  • Total Solutions as a package

Talk to use about your needs.

FieldServer Approved Integrator

Custom Driver Development

Own a piece of legacy equipment that you cannot integrate. Chipkin Automation Systems can help with the development of a custom communication driver which can connect your legacy equipment to devices using over 110 other protocols.

Custom Visualizations

We develop custom ActiveX / Java controls that provide a simple method for your user’s to visualize the status of your equipment and which allow user’s to interact with your equipment. These controls that can be embedded in web pages. The controls provide a complete solution – visualization and communication. We develop the controls to your requirements.

Human Machine Interface

Chipkin Automation Systems have expertise in developing HMI’s that make the difference in providing ease of operations, fast fault diagnosis and reducing ‘operator error’. We are helping to put the science back in the art of HMI’s.

Other Services

Control Systems

Design, procure, build, install, commission.

Electrical Engineering

Power Engineering, Generator Systems, Site Distribution and Transformers, Protection

System Integration

IPP site support and upgrade, Custom Engineering Software Upgrades, HMI, Security

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