February 2006 Newsletter

New Version of CAS Modbus RTU Parser

The newest version of CAS Modbus RTU Parser has been released
CAS Modbus RTU Parser Version 1.00cD (16 Feb 2005)
CAS Modbus RTU Parser is a useful utility for analyzing a Modbus RTU message to tell you if there are any errors, what type of messages it is, what data is being written or read from your device, what device the message came from, and more…
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  • New: Screen output can now be copied to copy-buffer by click of a button
  • New: Checksum validation is done during frame validation phase.
  • New: Can process client or server log files.
    • All lines containing ‘TX :’ or ‘RX :’ are processed as poll/response pairs.
    • For client files: TX indicates a poll and Rx indicates a response
    • For server files: TX indicates a response and Rx indicates a poll
    • Output is written to a file.
Excutable (166k)
Please Read the copyright and disclamer before downloading this tool.

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