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NEC 2017 – Meeting Room Outlet Requirements


Electrical Receptacles in Meeting Rooms
  • Before 2017 – Unregulated
  • 2017 NEC – Required.
  • Section, 210.71
  • To prevent potential hazards created by cords being strewn across floors in meeting rooms
  • Solutions include Floor Boxes and Poke Throughs

Electrical Receptacles in Meeting Rooms 1 Electrical Receptacles in Meeting Rooms 3

Electrical Receptacles in Meeting Rooms 2


NEC Roll Out

When the NEC releases new code it takes most states some time to adopt them. You can’t assume the NEC is the law in your state.

NEC 2017 In Effect
As at mid September 2017
NEC 2017 in Effect

NEC 2017 in Effect Colours


NEC Adoption – State by State

State NEC in effect as at Mid Sept 2017 2017 NEC Adoption Other Editions Of NEC Adoption Status
Alabama 2016 July 01, (Alabama Division of Construction Management) Not in process
Alaska 2014 (2016 March 06) Not in process
Arizona Local adoption only
Arkansas 2014 (2014 Nov. 21) Adoption process underway (effective date not established)
California 2014 (2017 Jan. 01) Not in process
Colorado 2017 (2017 June 01)
Connecticut 2014 (2016 Oct. 01) Adoption process underway (effective date not established)
Delaware 2014 (2016 March 11) Not in process
Florida 2011 2014 edition (2017 Dec. 31)
Georgia 2014 (2015 Jan. 01) Adoption process underway (2018 Jan. 01)
Hawaii 2014 (2017 March 27)
Idaho 2017 (2017 July 01)
Illinois 2008 (2011 July 01 – commercial occupancies for areas outside of local jurisdictions that have adoption authority) Not in process Not in process
Indiana 2008 Not in process Not in process
Iowa 2014 (2015 Jan. 01) Adoption process underway (tentative effective date of 2018 Jan. 18)
Kansas 2008 (2011 Feb. 04 – State Fire Marshal) Not in process Not in process
Kentucky 2014 (2014 Oct. 01) Adoption process underway (Effective date not established)
Louisiana 2011 2014 edition (2017 July 01)
Maine 2014 (2014 Aug. 01) Adoption process underway (mid-2017)
Maryland 2014 (2015 Jan. 01) Not in process
Massachusetts 2017 w/MA Amendments (2017 Jan. 01)
Michigan 2014
Commercial (2015 June 18)
Residential (2016 Feb. 08)
Adoption process underway (effective date not established)
Minnesota 2017 (2017 July 01)
Mississippi Local adoption only
Missouri Local adoption only
Montana 2014 (2014 Oct. 23) Not in process
Nebraska 2017 (2017 Aug. 01)
Nevada 2011 (2013 July 01 – Nevada State Pubic Works Division) Not in process Not in process
New Hampshire 2014 (2015 Jan. 01) Adoption process underway (2018 Jan. 01)
New Jersey 2014 (2015 Sep. 21 with 6 month grace period for new permits) Not in process
New Mexico 2014 (2014 Aug. 01) Adoption process underway (Effective date not established)
New York 2014 (2016 April 06 with 6-month grace period ending 2016 Oct. 03) Not in process
North Carolina 2014 (2016 April 01) Adoption process underway (2018 April 01)
North Dakota 2017 (2017 July 01)
Ohio 2014
Commercial (2015 Jan. 01)
Residential (2016 Jan. 01)
2017 Nov. 01 Commercial
Oklahoma 2014
Commercial (2015 Nov. 01)
Residential 2015 IRC Electrical
Chapters (2016 Nov. 01)
Not in process
Oregon 2014 (2014 Oct. 01) Adoption process underway (2017 Oct. 01)
Pennsylvania 2008 Not in process Not in process
Rhode Island 2014 (2014 July 01) Adoption process underway (effective date not established)
South Carolina 2014 (2016 July 01) Not in process
South Dakota 2017 (2017 July 01)
Tennessee 2008 2011 edition (effective date not established)
Texas 2017 (2017 Sep. 01)
Utah 2014 (2016 July 01) Adoption process underway (effective date not established)
Vermont 2014 (2017 Oct. 01) Adoption process underway (2017 Oct. 01)
Virginia 2011 (2014 July 14) 2014 edition (2018 March)
Washington 2017 (2017 July 01)
West Virginia 2014 (2016 Aug. 01) Not in process
Wisconsin 2011 Adoption process underway (effective date not established)
Wyoming 2017 (2017 July 01)
New York City 2008 w/NYC amendments (2011 July 01) 2014 (effective date not established


How Automation Will Affect You Personally
In this series we look at how automation might change the world you and I live in.
Our motivation comes from this question – Will automation, AI, Self Driving cars affect us personally, affect the value of our homes, where we live, how we commute.
We have extracted some thoughts and points from the media.


Self-Driving Cars Real Estate
Key Points:
Fewer parking lots
In 2016, in the D.C. area, commercial underground parking garages added 10-12% to the cost of office construction according to CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate service firm.


Fewer gas stations.
“Think of all these gas stations. There are 125,000 gas stations in the United States in prime real estate, you won’t need those anymore,” said Andy Cohen.


Self-Driving Cars Curbed
A recent policy brief by the Institute of Transportation Studies at University of California, Davis, was even more clear. The convergence of three new technologies—automation, electrification, and shared mobility—has the potential to create a whole new wave of automation-induced sprawl without proper planning and regulation.
Shannon McDonald, an architect, assistant professor at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, and an expert in future mobility planning. “I think it’ll have the same transformational change as the introduction of the automobile.”


There are currently 263 million non-autonomous cars on the road, and roughly 2 billion parking spaces in the United States.
“Streets are 25 to 35 percent of a city’s land area… [the] most valuable asset in many ways,” says Zabe Bent, a principal at transportation consulting firm Nelson/Nygaard
But with the potential for driverless tech to reduce private car ownership, developers won’t need to worry about parking spaces, and can make more money by avoiding wasting space on cars
Redesigning parking lots and entrances to be less about static parking and more about increasing the flow of dropoffs and pickups.


Self-Driving Cars MYND

Colin Wiel

  • Parking lots and garages will become less necessary – if not obsolete.
  • Cities will lower their parking requirements, thereby allowing developers to increase residential density.
  • Neighborhoods that currently lack parking will become more attractive.
  • Housing will become more affordable. The average parking space is only 330 square feet in size but can add anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 per space to a development’s total project costs


Self-Driving Cars CEOWorld

Our forecast is as follows:
  • new-build residential property will become cheaper;
  • detached houses on the outskirts of town with insufficient infrastructure will become less liquid;
  • the demand for short-term rentals and hotels will decrease;
  • the demand for retail property will fall, whilst the demand for warehouses will increase;
  • warehouses will be built even further from city centers;
  • parking spaces in business districts will be relocated closer to the periphery of cities.


How Automation Will Affect You Personally


Coming Next
  • Skills of the future
  • Future proofing your career


Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram



K9 Pulleez Bunny Squeak Toy


Hi. Ever wondered how they make these little stuffed mammals? The easiest way to learn is to take one to pieces. Many humans call this ripping, chewing and destroying. They cannot recognize reverse engineering for what it is. A valid, skilled activity. You too can make a contribution to the body of knowledge which drives the world forward. 


Step 1: As Received – K9 Pulleez Bunny Squeak Toy

It’s always good to document the components, tools and resources you will be using. I always take pics when I receive a package. Sometime I use them as evidence of damaged goods. I can’t stand damaged goods. 


Step 2: Project Handover and Kick Off

Hurry up and wait as usual. Can’t stand bureaucracy but I suppose those pen pushing project management people have some value. 


Step 3: Taking Delivery – Initial Taste

Correction – I mean – initial inspection. 


Step 4: FTST Method Illustration

Always good to begin with Floor Toss Softening Technique. Don’t worry, the stuffed little edible mammals like this bunny can’t feel any pain. They have the lowest level of consciousness among of all things. Pretty much as stupid as a lump of coal – I mean a stupid as a solar panel. 


Step 5: Stitch Stretching Makes Downstream Tasks Easier

Fun and productive at the same time. Often this step can be carried out with two or more non prehensile engineers. We reject the disrespectful term ‘pack’. 


Step 6: Progress Report

Here you can see my progress on the left foot. It’s important to make the cavity sufficiently large to allow for the squeaker removal. 


Step 7: Testing the Squeaker – Short Video


Step 8: Focus on Stitching Release Techniques – Demo Short Video


Step 9: Progress Report – Phase 2 – Losing Interest



At this point I lost interest and went to look for a place to dig a hole.
I have seen this all before. So many of these stuffed edible mammal emulations (toys as you call them) are made from the same non edible materials. For stupid, untrained reverse engineers this material is a safety risk because it can cause suffocation.Thanks for joining me on my project. See you soon.


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