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New to CAS – Service / Test / Install Team – WEST


  • Ana Gonzalez

Ana Gonzalez works in Vancouver, BC. She has a B.S. in Electronic and Computer Engineering from Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Puebla. Ana is proficient in programming, analog and digital electronics, and has project management knowledge. She is associated with the IEEE Young Professionals, IEEE Signal Processing Society, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, and IEEE Circuits and Systems Society. Ana has just finished our most network complex project to date. She is a quick learner and adapts to the task at hand.


Ricardo 10

  • Ricardo Franco

Ricardo Franco lives in Vancouver, B.C. He has a B.S. in Systems Engineering from UNEXPO University and is specialized in Network and Computer System Administration. Ricardo has 5 years of experience working with Open Source, Security Information and Networking. Always ready and willing, Ricardo jumps at the opportunity to take on the next task.


Swetha 30

  • Swetha Gowda

Swetha Gowda lives in Bangalore, India. She has an M.S in Electrical Engineering from Coventry University U.K. She is proficient in Electrical and Lighting Design for Residential buildings, commercial complexes and metro stations. Swetha has worked in the Middle East for Electrical design of metro stations in Lighting, Power, lighting control and CMS System. She is a hard worker and has become our main producer of our control panel drawings for our customers.


Antivirus vs Malware (When Anti-Malware Becomes Necessary?


Sometimes when you have installed an antivirus but your computer is still troubled by unwanted popups, unwanted browser toolbars, and sluggishness of performance. This is most probably because of the hidden malware programs installed in your system that are commonly not detected by an antivirus due to its sleek and nifty workaround with antiviruses.


Nowadays’ modern antivirus include antimalware but none the less, a stand-alone antimalware will always be needed to tackle some of the hardcore malware programs or scripts.


Avast install_malwarebytes
However antimalware software alone cannot and will not capture viruses on its own. A virus may very well be a lot different than a malware therefore the combination of both antivirus and an anti-malware should do the trick. We recommend the combination of Avast Antivirus and MalwareByte antimalware software.


Who Has Control Over Your Webcam and Mic


While a microphone and a webcam can provide a great portal of entertainment and best virtual communication, on the other hand it allows a virtual portal for potential hackers and privacy-invaders to eavesdrop through your microphone or even webcam and enable your cam whenever they want to see .. ahem, what you’re doing at that time.


There’s a nice little old website by that shows which websites have access to your webcam and microphone so that you can see any unwanted site over there and remove it. You are also provided with bundle of other configuration features such as when or whom to allow in future and lots more…


Macromedia –  Flash Player Help




There may be other vulnerabilities in your webcam which won’t show up in above macromedia settings manager page because these vulnerabilities are found in either the software that controlling your webcam (or an application using your cam such as Skype).


You can follow few steps to reduce or prevent someone else spying through your cam:


You can use firewall to block any port which is being used by the webcam so that no one can access that port other than firewall’s authorized applications.


Do not by any means continue using obsolete or older firmware (a system software installed on your hardware directly) version of your webcam and upgrade it as soon as possible. Almost all webcam comes with a booklet/guide for you on how to upgrade it.


Unlike a virus (which is designed to destroy/corrupt data) a malware is a program that is likely to compromise your webcam to open up a backdoor for the hacker to sneak through your cam. Always make sure you have a good anti malware installed (such as Malwarebytes to eliminate these malware programs.


Indicator Light is a feature that comes with many types and models of a webcam. If this light is on for no apparent reason, this indicates that you are being watched.


If you are not sure how to disable your webcam or microphone manually, there are webcam protection software which will either monitor your cam/mic for malicious usage or it will simply turn them off for you while you’re not using them. As a free software you can try out WebCamProtectorPro free version.


Unplug your webcam or put something on it when you are not using your webcam. This may not sound a technical way to prevent hackers but it works when you are too lazy to follow above safety precautions.



CAS has no relationship with vendors and products mentioned in our articles. You should select products and vendors based on your own criteria.


Apollo 11’s Source Code Is Now On GitHub




“By today’s standards, the IT NASA used in the Apollo manned lunar program is pretty basic. But while they were no more powerful than a pocket calculator, these ingenious computer systems were able to guide astronauts across 356,000 km of space from the Earth to the Moon and return them safely.” Cliff SaranCOmputerWeekly.


Yes it’s true; Apollo 11’s source code is available on GitHub, thanks to Chris Garry (former NASA intern) who posted it there for public viewing so that we can dive in to nostalgic world of Information Technology where things were a lot easier than today’s mumbo jumbo.


And this was not all, the code was not just easy but it also shows some real jolly attitude of programmers while they were coding it. There were quite a number of funny references used in the code such as line # 666 of the Lunar Landing Guidance Equations shows “numero mysterioso”, but written as a comment of course (so that it doesn’t get parsed along with the code). Typing out the jokes in ‘#comments’, really showed that they literally meant to present the true definition of term “jokes apart”.
In other example, the name for the ignition file in the code is “BURN_BABY_BURN,” a phrase popularized by ’60s R&B disc jockey Magnificent Montague. One of the developers wrote in a NASA journal that it was a reference to the ongoing Black Power movement.


“We might not have been out on the streets, but we did listen to the news, and the two biggest news stories were Viet Nam and Black Power, the latter including H. Rap Brown and his exhortations to ‘Burn Baby, Burn’ — this was 1967, after all,” developer Peter Adler wrote in the journal.


Part of the source code MIT programmers wrote for Apollo 11’s flight software is pictured here in a screenshot from the source code posted to GitHub by former NASA intern Chris Garry.


Download the complete source code.


Video – Drawing Pen That Can Conduct Electricity




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