August 2006 Newsletter

CAS BACnet Explorer

CAS BACnet explorer is a application for detecting, monitoring, reporting and commanding BACnet IP and BACnet Ethernet devices on your network.

The tool detects BACnet devices and displays network, device and point information. All properties are read and displayed. Some can be commanded.

Save the device/point trees to disk for later analysis or print them to XML or HTML reports.

Use an inexpensive BACnet router to connect and monitor MSTP networks too.

For a limited time; If you purchase a FieldServer from us which uses a BACnet protocol we will provide a license for the browser for free. Our competitors retail their browser at US$795.

BACnet Integration

FieldServers support the following BACnet protocols. The can be configured as clients / servers or both.

BACnet Peer to Peer
BACnet Arcnet
BACnet Ethernet

Hot Standby

FieldServers can be used to convert data from one protocol to another allowing you connect, for example, a fire alarm panel to a PLC or SCADA system. What happens if these connection are mission critical.

FieldServers can be connected and configured to operate as hot standby units. In standby mode 1, for example, two FieldServer are connected with a ribbon cable and all serial bytes received on one of the pair are also received by the other.

The active units sends data to the standby unit so that it is up to date and its internal state is the same as the active units. The standby unit monitors the active units heartbeat messages and on failure it becomes active.

In other modes and configuration you can have redundant serial paths to your field devices so that if one connection fails the standby connection becomes active.

On-Site Support

In June 2006 we were on-site in Fayetteville:AK and Bremmerton:WA, Vancouver:BC helping customers solve system integration problems with FieldServers.

We can provide an engineer to support you during installation and commissioning. Add our FieldServer, BAS and PLC skills and you know you have the right team working for you.

Chipkin Auotmation Systems

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