MSTP network stats page

The MSTP network stats page can be used to help determine problems with your MSTP network.

  • If both “Sent_frame” and “Recv_ frame ” are increasing. Then you probably have the correct baud rate.
  • If the “PS” (poll station) keep cycling and “NS” (Next station) is equal to “TS” (This station) then the CAS BACnet explorer is attempting to find its next master.
    •  The CAS BACnet Explorers MAC address must be unique on the MSTP network or the CAS BACnet Explorer will never find its next master.
  • Is the “Wasted CPU Cycles“, “Resource problems” or “Lost_token” stats increasing. It means that the computer that the CAS BACnet Explorer is on is having problems keeping up with the MSTP token passing.
  • If “Header_crc_error” and “Data_crc_error” are increasing with “Sent_frame” and “Recv_ frame“. There is probably some noise on the network that needs to be resolved.