Moxa MB3000 Series Gateways

moxa_logo.gifMoxa will soon introduce its new MB3000 series gateways to the market. This series of network gateways includes the MB3180, MB3480, and MB3280. All of these devices offers various specifications and features to the user. The MB3000 series provides conversion between Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) and ASCII protocol based on Modbus. The features of these devices all include one Ethernet port, four serial ports that supports RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 configurations, and up to sixteen simultaneous-supported TCP masters that provides a maximum of thirty-two requests per master. Another feature of the MB3000 series is it requires no modification of a customer’s existing technology with Moxa’s “smart-routing” capability. Some other Modbus gateways require a separate socket connection for each serial port, making them useless for TCP masters that can only open one connection. The MB3000 series supports smart routing, where only one socket connection is used to control slaves on every serial port. All of the devices in the MB3000 series can be described as compact, durable products with superior multi-protection, at suitable operational and storage temperatures, and includes Moxa’s five year warranty as well.

logomodbus.gifThe Modbus protocol was developed in the late 1970s by Modicon. Modbus is essentially a messaging service between server devices. The basic structure of Modbus states that a “master” sends a message to the “slave”, and depending on the message contents, the “slave/ client” will acknowledge and perform the requested task. These messages contain the address of the device, function code, data, and an error check. The device address is the location of recipient. The function code defines the type of message being sent. Data is a block of information to the recipient. The error check consists of numbers that refers to the quality of communication. The advantage of Modbus includes its flexible nature and simple implementation. This protocol has benefits for various users in building automation, wireless communication, energy, transportation, and many other applications.

Moxa is a leader of data network products for various industry users. The company’s product line includes serial boards, servers, Ethernet switches, and others. Moxa has an excellent sales staff that focuses on the users’ needs and requirements with offices in the United States, Taiwan, China, and Germany. In 2003, Moxa developed two branches of the company. The Moxa Technologies branch provides serial to PC and serial to Ethernet options. The Moxa Networking branch focuses on industrial Ethernet and fiber options to the potential user.

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