Modbus: Create a Modbus client in C#

Q: Given hardware, can I write .NET software for the slave device itself? Is the software on slave device embedded C? Some other language I have never heard of? Can it use C#? The reason I ask is because I have been tasked with writing slave software, NOT master software, and only know C#, VB.NET, VBA, VBScript, and Javascript.
Is this possible?

A: You should be able to write a Modbus client in any language that has access to the serial ports or a TCP connection.
C# has access to both the serial port and a RAW TCP connection; it will not be too hard to create a simple Modbus Client with C#.

Modbus is an open protocol and the Modbus spec is freely available from
I would suggest that you start there.

I have to ask, Why would you want to create a anther Modbus Slave utility when there are already so many good freely available ones out there?

I would recommended that you take a look at CAS Modbus Scanner, it’s a free Modbus client that you can use to test your Modbus devices

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