Installing Samsung CLP 315 w on Windows 7 64 bit OS

If  a Samsung CLP 315w printer installed from a network onto a computer using a Windows 7 64 bit operating system is not printing, and it was already working on a system running Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista, then follow these steps:

1) Try to print a test page, if that does not work a troubleshoot dialogue will come up.

2) Try the troubleshoot. Follow the directions in the troubleshoot dialogue and see if any of the fixes work.

3) If the troubleshoot does not fix the issue, the problem may be driver related.  Do a google search of “Windows 7 and Samsung CLP 315w” and click on the webpage that is the microsoft windows 7 compatibility page.  From there see if the device is compatible, then see what actions you need to take.  If you need to download software or a driver, click on the manufacturers webpage which should lead you to the download page for the device.

4) Download the most current driver and install.

That should do it.  These steps can be followed for other printers as well.