How to Transfer or Share Files Between the Computers While Using Windows Remote Desktop

Please follow the steps below while using Windows Remote Desktop if the files are required to be transferred between the computers;

1. Click on the ‘Options’ when Remote Desktop Connection Window opens, as shown below in figure – 1;


As a result, the window will expand as following;


2. Go to Tab – ‘Local Resources’ and the window looks like the one in figure – 3 below;


3. Click on ‘More…’ at the bottom of ‘Local Resources’ window, and a window such as the one shown below, will open;


4. Click on ‘+’ against the ‘Drives’ and all the drives on the hard disc will be generated in the hierarchy below ‘Drives’, as shown below;


Click on the drives which are required to be accessed during the Remote Desktop session for the files to be transferred to and from. In the example above, ‘C’ drive is selected.

Once the drives are selected, click on ‘OK’, and then click on ‘Connect’ on the main window for the Remote Desktop Connection as shown below;


Now, after connecting to the remote desktop, all the drives of the local computer which are selected under the ‘Drives’ hierarchy in Figure – 5, will be accessible for the file transfer during the Remote Desktop Session using Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

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