How To Know The IP Address of The Fieldserver Device

If the FieldServer device is not detected automatically onto the computer, please follow the steps below;

1. Switch on (or Power up) the FieldServer device and then start the Wireshark log.

2. After some time, when the log starts populating regularly, go to ‘Capture’ menu in Wireshark window and then click on the ‘Restart’ option as shown in figure-1 below;

Figure-1: Wireshark Restart


3. Once restart is given to Wireshark, the Wireshark window goes blank and again it starts populating the data packets as shown in figure-2 below;

Figure-2: Wireshark log after restarting the Wireshark


4. Switch-off the FieldServer and then switch it on, the Wireshark log populates the data packets accordingly.

Figure-3: Wireshark log populating the data packets on restarting the fieldserver


5. Wait for about 30 seconds and then start looking for the data packet that mentions “Digiboar_50:46:8e” in ‘Source’ column, and in ‘Info’ column it mentions “Gratuitous ARP for (Request)” as shown in figure-4 below;

[ is going to change case to case as it is the IP Address of the FieldServer]

Figure-4: “Digiboar” – Message in Wireshark log


Here, is the IP address of the fieldserver device.