How to create a report – CAS BACnet Explorer

These are instructions on how to create a HTML report of the discovered network.


  1. Start the CAS BACnet Explorer
  2. Discover the BACnet devices on your network that you want to create a report of.
  3. Click the “Report” button on the CAS BACnet Explorers main dialog.
    • The “Reports” dialog should pop up.
  4. Set the option that suits your needs on the “Reports” dialog and click “OK
    • The “Use current data” option will create a log of exactly what is currently in the BACnet Explorer Tree.
  5. The HTML report should automatically pop up in your default browser after the CAS BACnet Explorer has completed the report.
Where are the report files located 

The report files are located in your “my document” directory \CAS BACnet Explorer\reports\.

C:\Users\<user>\Documents\CAS BACnet Explorer\reports

The report consists of all the html files in this directory. Consider zipping this directory in to a single archive before sending it or archiving it for reference. It might also be helpful to include the debug files in this archive if you are experiencing any problems.

These files are plain text and they should compress down to less then a mb with 7-Zip (free and opensource), or WinRar (free unlimited demo)