Google Analytics

Google analytics is for anyone with a website. It is a powerful tool that provides reports on performance data on all your ad campaigns, how visitors use your website etc. Learning how users interact with your website and using that knowledge to make improvements is key in build an effective online business. Google analytics will help you to answer some difficult questions like why are user abandoning my shopping chart? Is my website design driving people away? What do people do while they are on my site? How are my visitors finding me?

Analytic reports can also be used for the following:

  • Evaluate ROI on all your marketing efforts
  • Evaluate visitor’s navigation to identify areas for improvement
  • Track e-commerce metrics such as revenue and conversion rates
  • Analyze your AdWords account
  • Define user segments, and analyze the behavior of each segment

To get started with Google analytics you simply need to add the Google analytics tracking code (JavaScript) within each body of the HTML on each page you want to track. This is another brilliant way of optimizing your web business with Google.