Google AdWords: Use a Relevant Landing Page

Very few site owners take the time to decide on appropriate landing pages for each of their ads. Most point their ads to their home page. It is just as important to spend time on relevant landing pages as it was on a relevant keyword list that described a unique aspect of your services or products. If the user have to navigate your site to try and find what he was looking for he will leave just as quick as he got there.

Directing your ad to a specific landing page that contains the same contend as described by your ad has proven to be much more effective. In some cases it is even worth while to create a custom landing page that’s not in the normal navigation of your site. This page should then contain the relevant content that the user is looking for. For example it should answering the users question or providing a solution for his problem. It is also a good idea to add relevant links to some of your other products and services that the user might be interested in.