Google AdWords: Placement Targeted Campaigns

In a placement targeted campaign an ad appear on specific web sites selected by you. It also allows you placements for a desired topics or similar web sites. You can use Google’s placement discovery tool to generate a list of web sites based on topics or web sites you input. You can use the exclude web site tool to exclude web sites you do not want to show your ads on.

Placement targeting allows you to bid for your positions via a cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM). This means you will be charged if your ad appears on the content network regardless of if n user clicks on it. You also have the ability to choose a maximum CPM bid. This will be the maximum you are willing to pay per thousand impressions. The choice of a maximum CPM bid allows your placement targeting campaigns to compete against CPC biding campaigns in the same auction. If you are interested in promoting brand awareness CPM bidding allows you to reach more of your target audience by bidding for what is more valuable to you.

Placement targeting campaigns allows text and image ad formats, as well as animated image ads. Placement targeted ads always full the entire ad position and text ads will always be expanded to fit into the allowed space.

Placement targeted campaigns are for advertisers who wants more control over where their ads shows on the Google content network as well as those who want to promote a brand or new product to a specific audience. The animated ad format option also allows the advertiser to convey a larger message to its audience.