Google AdWords: Other ways of achieving a higher CTR

The most obvious way to achieve a better CTR is to write relevant ads. Relevant ads needs to contain most or all of the keywords the user typed in the search box. Thus in each of your Ad Groups only write ads that contain the keywords you bid on. These keywords can be placed anywhere in your ads, but the most effective way is in the headline of your ad. This is because the keywords in the headline of your ad will automatically be bold and clickable, attracting the user’s attention. One way to automatically include the users keywords in your ads heading is to add the dynamic keyword code {keyword:}. This will automatically place the user’s search keyword in your ads heading for every relevant search.

After running your ad campaign for a while, it is very important to remove the keywords that only get impressions but no clicks. These keywords will only drag down your CTR and by removing them you can improve your CTR.