Google AdWords Networks

Search targeted ads are shown on search result pages in response to a users search query. Although these pages are important to find information on the web, they only make up 5% of pages on the internet and the portion of user’s time spend on them are even smaller. Purchase decisions are made allover the web on search sites shopping comparison sites, professional interest pages, targeted email news letters etc. The Google networks provide a cost effective way to reach customers wherever they are on the web. The Google networks are split into two parts, the search network and the content network.

The search network consists of as well as other search sites like,, Netscape Netcenter etc. Google runs the search services for these engines and displays AdWords ads on them. The content network on the other hand consists of sites like, gmail, etc. The ads that appear on them are relevant to the content of the page.

Text ads can appears on the search and content networks but image and video ads can only appears on content pages. Its always good practice to create separate campaigns for the search and content networks.