Google AdWords: Best practices and things to avoid when creating a contextual targeted ad campaign.

Best practices when creating your contextual ad campaign:

  • Creating separate campaigns for contextual targeted ads,
  • Using the site exclusion tool to focus on sites matching your campaign goals,
  • Setting your bids at the ad group level,
  • Basing each of your ad group around a single theme,
  • Testing the different ad formats (text, video, image, gadget),
  • Pointing all ads in an ad group to the same URL,
  • Creating a short keyword lists for each ad group,
  • Using negative keywords,
  • Writing compelling and specific ads.

Things to avoid when creating a contextual targeted campaign:

  • Biding at the keyword level,
  • Using keyword matching options,
  • Using both singular and plural keywords,
  • Using a keyword list bigger than 50,
  • Using only one ad group per campaign,
  • Using generic landing pages for each ad group.