Google AdWords: Ad Rank for Keyword-Targeted Ads on the Search Network

Your Ad position on content and search pages is based on their Ad Rank. The ad with the highest Ad Rank will appear in position number 1 and the others with a lower Ad Rank will following down the page.

The criteria used by Google AdWords for determining your Ad Rank are different for keyword-targeted ads that appearing on the search network than those that appear on the content network. We will have a look at the Ad Rank for keyword-targeted ads that appearing on the search network.

The two parameters used by Google AdWords to determine the Ad Rank are cost-per-click (CPC) bid* and Quality Score. The formula used is as follows:

Ad Rank = CPC bid × Quality Score

The aspects that determine your Quality Score for Ad Rank is different from the one used to determine the minimum CPC bid and they are as follows:

  • Your keyword and ad relevance to the search query
  • Your account history, this includes your CRT for all ads and keywords in your account
  • Your historical CTR of the matching keyword and ad on Google (Note that the CTR on the Google network is not considered)
  • As well as some other relevance factors used by Google AdWords

Your landing page quality does not have an influence on this Ad Rank Quality Score.

To improve your ranking you will either need to improve your Ad Rank Quality Score or you will need to increase the CPC bid of your keyword. Relevant keywords and ad text will always lead to a higher CTR, witch in tern will increase your Ad Rank Quality Score. The resources provided by Google AdWords can help you to improve your Ad Rank and Quality Score. They are as follows: Traffic Estimator, Optimization Tips and content bids.