Google AdWords Ad diagnostic tool

The ad diagnostic tool can help you to diagnose the reasons why your ad may not be appearing for a given keyword or on a specific search result page. This tool can also test if your ad appears on the first page of search results or why a particular ad group of ads may not be showing.

The ads diagnostic tool is available at several locations within you account. You can access information regarding your keywords by hovering over the magnifying glass for a specific keyword in your ad group. The Information presented by the magnifying glass will tell you if your keyword is triggering ads or not and the reasons way it may not trigger ads. If the keyword does not show any ads there will be a link “what can I do?”. This link will take you to more detailed instructions on how you can fix the problem so that your keyword will start triggering ads.

You can also access the tool under the tools link in your campaign management tap. The ads diagnostic tool is located in the right hand corner under the heading “Analyze Your Ad Performance”. Option one of the ad diagnostic tool allows you to search for specific keywords and terms to see if they trigger ads. On the results page the tool will show you if the keyword or term triggers ads and in witch ad group they can be found. The tool also allows you to preview the Google search result page to see where your ad will appears.

The second option for the ad diagnostic tool is to enter a search result page URL. This option is useful when you are concerned about your ad’s appearance on a particular search result page.