GE-TLC RLINK Connections and Diagnostics

The Field Fail LED Indicates:

  • Relay failure in one of the panels
  • Panel without configuration – no program
  • Driver card failure

Link Fail Indicates:

  • Dataline short or disconnected (missing the 24VDC)
  • Burned interior ¼ Amp fuse – F1
  • Defective unit

At power up the LINK Fail blinks and if the Dataline is clear (24VDC) for 10 seconds, the LINK fail will stop. If there is a BMS controller on-line that polls the network, the Dataline voltage will be below 20 V – which will not allow the LINK to clear. In this case, after a power outage, the BMS interface shall be disconnected till the LINK fail goes off.


  • Pin 2 – White
  • Pin 3 – Blue
  • Pin 4 – Black  (DTR)
  • Pin 5 – Green

Check out the Video: