FieldServer Technologies ProtoCessors


FieldServer Technologies has produced low-cost, quality ProtoCessors for the automation industry. ProtoCessors are Industrial Communication Protocol (ICP) modules with a standard interface. FieldServer ProtoCessors provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) expeditious implementation of various industrial, machine, and building automation protocols for the end-user.

The ProtoCessors are composed of an embedded system on a single board with an application central processing unit (CPU), through a field interface connection. FieldServer Technologies offers two types of ProtoCessors to the user, the FFPs or the ASPs. The Full Function ProtoCessors (FFPs) are easily configurable by the user. Application Specific ProtoCessors (ASPs) have a fixed design for high volume tasks where the configuration is required to stay the same. Specifically, FFPs are configured through a complex binary format and can be downloaded over an Ethernet connection. ASPs are fixed with an ASCII format for the user. The two types of ProtoCessors offer various specifications including 2 MB of program memory in the FFPs, and only 48 KB of program memory in the ASPs. Both also have varying RAM in their specifications, the ASPs offers 2 KB, and the FFPs include 8 MB of Random Access Memory (RAM). FieldServer Technologies can provide a user with their Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) for an easy installation of either type of ProtoCessors. The RDK includes: (1) ProtoCessor Development Board, (2) ProtoCessor modules, product documents, and technical support as well.

There are many benefits in the implementation of FieldServer Technologies ProtoCessors. The user can add any of the supported protocols including BACnet, Modbus, Lonworks, Telnet, WebServer, and 110+ other protocols. FieldServer Technologies offers an extensive library of protocols to the user. The ProtoCessor will provide the user with minimal coding or modification to a current application or system already in place. ProtoCessors will decrease the user’s overall costs to maintain an automation application. Because the ProtoCessor only needs to place where it’s required, thus preventing other unnecessary equipment costs. Another benefit of ProtoCessors is all source code and hardware is provided by FieldServer Technologies. The user needs no further modification of a current automation system. FieldServer ProtoCessors also contains complete protocol compliance, which are tested and maintained through the organizations that set protocol standards. FieldServer Technologies provides the user with protocol conversion that necessary in today’s industrial marketplace where users are demanding integration of products into modern open protocol networks.

FieldServer Technologies is based in Milpitas, California. FieldServer Technologies is a division of Sierra Monitor Corporation. FieldServer Technologies’ goal is to design and produce a broad line of devices to enhance communication between various instruments related to the automation industry. FieldServer Technologies is a premier gateway manufacturer in the automation industry.

Written by: Scott Cosby

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