FieldServer – How to Delete and Remove A Configuration

1. Install the FieldServer Utilities.

2. Start a CMD session.

  • Click the Start button.
  • Type CMD and Click the OK button.


  • You get a screen that looks similar to this one.


3. Power down the gateway.

4. Delete the existing configuration.

  • Type the following in the CMD session.

“C:\FieldServer Technologies\FieldServer Utilities\Bin\ruinet”  –i192.168.1.168  -zconfig.csv  ==   IP address of FieldServer. This one is provided for an example only.

The quotation marks are required.

When you have completed the line push the Enter key.

If  the command complete OK you will see a screen similar to this one. The folder name and IP address may be different. Note the DELETED message. That is what we want to see.

If it completed OK then:

Download the configuration provided using the normal method. (Step 6 of our standard Support procedures.)

If not then:

Try again a couple of times. If no luck please call for support.