FieldServer Gateway (Dual Serial)

Dual Serial – Ethernet


The FS-B2510 Dual Serial-Ethernet gateway provides a wealth of features to enable data transfer between different devices and networks utilizing serial and Ethernet protocols. The extensive library of FieldServer drivers provides easy interoperability with devices and networks used in building automation, HVAC, fire and process control industries. The FS-B2510 is particular cost effective in the integration of two devices/systems utilizing serial protocols such as a fire alarm control panel to BACnet MSTP.

The FS-B2510 is one of the FS-X30 Series FieldServers designed to meet the needs of system integrators in designing a complete interoperable system. The FS-B25 Series brings together the powerful FieldServer driver library with state-of-the-art gateway design. This FieldServer includes twi serial connections (RS-232 or RS-485, software selectable) and one 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports. The multiport design allows for serial-to-serial interfaces or interface from mulitple serial products to an Ethernet or LonWorks network. The Ethernet port enables the integrator to connect a PC to download configuration changes without disturbing the system connections and without the additional cost of an external hub.

CAS sell, support, install, configure and develop custom drivers for FieldServers. With every FieldServer purchased from CAS that includes a BACnet protocol we provide a free license to the CAS BACnet Explorer which can be used to test / prove the BACnet interface is working.