FS-8700-146- KNX

FieldServer Driver – Fieldbus


KNX Gateway


The KNX driver allows the FieldServer to transfer data to and from devices using KNX protocol. The Fieldbus connection is included with the FieldServer. The FieldServer can emulate a Client.

KNX driver enables data access from KNX networks to other FieldServer protocols. Most KNX datapoint types are supported, allowing communication to almost any kind of KNX device in the installation, such as temperature sensors, shutters, light switches, actuators, alarms etc. This allows Building Automatino and Industrial Control systems to access a KNX network using direct read and write of KNX configured groups. This setup does not require the use of ETS4 to configure the QuickServer KNX gateway.

The QuickServer is intended to act as a Client on the

KNX bus and make information available to other protocols.

Formal Driver Type


Passive Client

Communication Functions Supported

KNX Datapoint Name Description Recommended Data Array Value
DPT1 1-bit Binary Switch BYTE
DPT2 8-bit Step Control BYTE
DPT3 4-bit Dimming BYTE
DPT4 8-bit Set BYTE
DPT5 8-bit Unsigned Value BYTE
DPT6 8-bit Signed Value SINT16
DPT6 16-bit unsigned Value UINT16
DPT8 16-bit Signed Value SINT16
DPT9 16-bit Floating point value FLOAT
DPT12 32-bit Unsigned Value UINT32
DPT13 32-bit Signed Value SINT32
DPT14 32-bit Float FLOAT
DPT15 32-bit Access UINT32
DPT17 8-bit Scene Number BYTE
DPT18 8-bit Scene Control BYTE
DPT20 8-bit Enum Value BYTE

Read operations supported

FieldServer as a Client FieldServer as a Server
Request Group Respond to Group Requests
Address Values Group Address Values

 Write operations supported

FieldServer as a Client FieldServer as a Server
Broadcast Group Broadcast Group Address
Address Values  Values

Compatibility Matrix

FieldServer Model Compatible with this driver
FS-x2010 No
FS-x2011 No No
FSx25 No No
FS-x30 No No
FS-x40 No No
SlotServer No
ProtoNode No
QuickServer FS-Qs-10xx No
QuickServer FS-Qs-12xx Yes
QuickServer FPC-FO2 No
ProtoCessor FPC-FO2 No
ProtoCessor FPC-FD2 No


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