FS-8707-06 – FST OPC Server for FieldServers

Driver Version: 7.16

Document Revision: 7

FieldServer Driver


FST OPC Server for FieldServers


This OPC Server provides OPC access to FieldServers.  The method of data transfer is called Data Array Access (DAA).  Data Arrays are the internal data storage areas that reside within the FieldServers and are type specific.  The source of the information in the Data Arrays can be any one of the standard FieldServer Drivers.  It is incumbent on the user to configure the ports & the Map Descriptors on the FieldServer.  The Map Descriptors are FieldServer objects containing polling instructions for a driver to copy data from the low level devices into a Data Array.  One of the many advantages of this architecture is that it allows many disparate proprietary devices PLC/DCS’s etc. to share common data in a reliable embedded device (FieldServer) while providing access to the SCADA / PC application level via this OPC Server.  Please refer to the FieldServer Documentation for instructions on configuration of the FieldServer.


Formal Driver Type



Connection Information

The FST OPC Server communicates with the FieldServers via standard Ethernet & TCP/IP connections.  Please refer to the FieldServer Configuration Manual for instructions on setting up the FieldServer side.

Before proceeding to configure the OPC Server we recommend that you have a proper TCP/IP network setup – verify this by PINGing a FieldServer.  Refer to the Microsoft documentation for the setup of the TCP/IP networking on the PC.


Connection Notes

Please read the FieldServer documentation, regarding the networking requirements of the FieldServer.  From the PC side the TCP/IP networking needs to be correctly configured so that UDP packets can be sent / received from all FieldServers


Supported OPC Specifications

OPC DA 2 specifications (OPC Data Access Specifications version 2)


Communications Functions – Supported Functions at a Glance:

This driver Reads & Writes to the Data Array Memory areas in the FieldServer


Data Types Supported

FieldServer Data Type Description (or Device Data Type)
UInt16 16 Bit Signed Integer
UInt32 32 Bit Signed Integer
Float 32 Bit IEEE Floating point
Byte 8 Bit Signed Integer
Bit Boolean
BitString (Bit Pick) In any 8,16, 32 bit Integer address


Read Operations Supported

FieldServer as a Server
SMT Read:
SMT Write:


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