FS-8705-17 – Mircom PRO2000

FieldServer Driver


PRO2000 Series Fire Panel Interface Driver



The driver provides an interface to monitor a Mircom Pro2000 Fire Alarm Panel. It is able to read status data from the panel – when combined with another protocol driver this data can be served using another protocol such as BACnet, Lonworks, Johnson Controls N2, Rockwell, XML etc. A block diagram showing potential connectivity is provided below.

To avoid manual configuration the driver is provided with a utility that is used to aid in the creation of the FieldServer configuration. This utility reads the PRO2000 Modbus CSV and uses this to make BACnet objects, for each device connected to the system. One set of objects for each device is created – reporting the alarm, trouble and other status info of the device. The Modbus CSV file is created when the panel is configured and is provided by the engineer who configures the fire alarm panel.

This is an active client driver – it sends commands and polls and the panel responds with data.

The driver cannot be used to emulate a PRO2000 ( cannot be used as a server).

The driver supports a small subset of the command/query functions and assumes the devices have been configured correctly and appropriately to achieve the control required.


Supported Functions

The driver is able to monitor change flags and reads data for devices flagged as having a status change. If no change flags are set, the driver re-reads the status registers for each device configured on a periodic basis.

The following functions have not been implemented but could easily be added on request.

  1. ClearStack The PRO-2000 cancels all previous received commands
  2. GetVar Get the content of a PRO-2000 Variable
  3. SetVar Set the contents of a PRO-2000 Variable (except date)
  4. SetDate Set the Pro-2000 date variable
  5. GetAnalog Get the analog values of a detector


Potential Connectivity


Block Diagram

Revision History

Date Resp Doc. Rev.
16 Sep 2010 PMC 1 Issued for Release


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