FS-8700-72 – Secutron Modul-R

FieldServer Driver – Serial


Secutron Modul-R



The Secutron Modul-R driver allows the FieldServer to transfer data to and from a Client and a Server panel on a single point to point network over RS-232 using Secutron Modul-R protocol.

The protocol is strictly command/response with the Client polling a Server device.  A Server device can report the generation and clearing of alarms to the polling Client.  One panel can be connected per FieldServer port.  The driver supports networked panels connected to a single port.  The Server driver only supports 10 panels due to memory limitations.  A Server panel can consist of up to 100 circuits.

When an alarm is generated, a bit is set and when the alarm is cleared, the bit is cleared.  The panel number is identified by the Node_ID in the configuration file.

Each circuit’s alarms are represented by 32 unsigned quantities, which hold 1,024 bits. Only bits 0 to 999 may be used. The last 25 bits are reserved.

There are 3200 unsigned quantities per panel to represent the 100 circuits with 1000 devices per circuit. Each bit of the 32-bits in an unsigned quantity represents an alarm state (1 = alarm, 0 = normal).

A set bit indicates an alarm and the clearing of a bit indicates the reset of an alarm.  A panel number is identified by the Node Id in the configuration files. There can be up to 1000 panels in a system.

Panel, circuit and device numbers range from 0 in messages e.g.

Panel numbers – 0 to 999

Circuit numbers – 0 to 99

Device numbers – 0 to 999


The Client driver is configured with three Map Descriptors. Each Map Descriptor must be of a certain “Secutron_Type”. The following types and their functions are defined:

Secutron_type Map Descriptor Function
Poller Polls the Secutron Modul-R at the configured scan interval.
Device Stores alarm (Device) statuses.
Function Stores the function or type of alarm that was triggered or restored.


The Server driver emulates a Secutron Modul-R panel and is configured through the use of two Map Descriptors:


Map Descriptor Function

Device Stores alarm (Device) statuses.
Function Stores the function or type of alarm that was triggered or restored.


The Server driver will respond with alarm statuses from the Device Map Descriptor.  The Function Map Descriptor will return the type or function of the corresponding alarm reported by the Device Map Descriptor.

Fieldserver Mode Nodes Comments
Client 1
Server 1


Formal Driver Type


Client & Server


Connection Information

Connection type: RS-232
Baud Rates: 150, 300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 (Vendor limitation)
Data Bits: 8 (Vendor limitation)
Stop Bits: 1 (Vendor limitation)
Parity: None (Vendor limitation)
Multidrop Capability No


Devices Tested:

Device Tested (FACTORY, SITE)
Secutron Modul-R Site


Connection configurations

The FieldServer is connected to the panels as shown below.

Configure the panels according to manufacturer’s instructions.


Connector Pinouts

RJ-45 Pin From RJ-45 To Secutron
1 Brown Tx
8 White/Orange Rx
5 Blue/white GND




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