FS-8700-66 – GE-SNP Protocol Serial Driver

FieldServer Driver – Serial

GE-SNP Protocol Serial Driver

Driver Code: SNP
Version: 1.00a
Protocol Version: N/A
Document Rev: 1
Interface: RS232 or RS-485 (Half-Duplex)
Baud Rates: Std Baud Rates up to 19200 (GE PLC limitation)
Data Bits: 7,8
Stop Bits: 1,2
Parity: Odd, Even, None
Handshaking: None
Devices Supported:
Device Tested
Protocol has been tested against a Series 90-30 CPU 364
Protocol has been tested against an Intellution FIX32’s SNP device driver.


Driver Details

  • The SNP driver is capable of acting as a client or server.
  • The SNP driver can read and write system memory and change privilege levels of a SNP device.
  • The FieldServer’s serial and/or RS485 ports may be used to communicate with the SNP device.
  • The SNP driver supports the Mailbox communication method of the SNP protocol. The Datagram method is unsupported.
  • The SNP driver can expose its communication statistics so that they can be monitored by a downstream device.
  • The following data types may be read.
    • Discrete Inputs (%I)
    • Discrete Outputs (%Q)
    • Discrete Temporaries (%T)
    • Discrete Internals (%M)
    • Genius Global Data (%G)
    • Analog Inputs (%AI)
    • Analog Outputs (%AQ)
    • Registers (%R)
    • %SA Discrete
    • %SB Discrete
    • %SC Discrete
    • %S Discrete (%S)
  • Up to 4096 bytes of data can be handled in a single transaction.
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