FS-8700-58 – ILCO-9000 / Millennium

FieldServer Driver – Serial
ILCO-9000 / Millennium

Driver Code: ILCO9000
Version: 1.01a
Protocol Version: N/A
Interface: RS232 (RS-485 with converter)
Baud Rates: 9600
Data Bits: 8
Stop Bits: 1
Parity: None
Handshaking: None
  • The Ilco -9000 driver allows the Communications Bridge to transfer data to and from devices over either RS232 or RS485 using Ilco-9000 protocol. There are eight RS232 and two RS485 ports standard on the Bridge. The Bridge can emulate either a Server or Client.
  • The Ilco -9000 driver is a passive client driver. This is type of driver is also known as a consumer. The driver waits passively for incoming data messages from an Ilco-9000 type device and processes these messages, updating data in the bridge’s data arrays. Thus, the data read by this driver is visible to other driver’s loaded on the bridge.
  • The Ilco -9000 driver recognizes room assignments , replacements, clearing and changes from the incoming log messages and stores the state of each room in a data array.
  • The Ilco -9000 driver is not capable of acting as a server.
  • One Ilco device may be attached to each FieldServer serial port.


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