FS-8700-52 – Notifier AM6000

FieldServer Driver
Notifier AM6000

Driver Description

The Notifier AM6000 driver is a serial driver. It allows the FieldServer to transfer data from a Notifier AM6000 panel over either RS232 or RS485 using Notifier AM6000 protocol.

Notifier AM6000 serial driver is a passive client only driver. This means that the driver is capable of processing and storing data from unsolicited messages sent from a Notifier panel. It is not capable of polling for data or sending data to a panel. As the driver does not provide server side functionality it is not capable of emulating a Notifier panel.

The driver receives messages intended for a system printer, interprets these messages by filling in data arrays in the FieldServer. This data is available for other devices or PLC’s to read.

As the messages do not contain information which would allow this driver to differentiate messages from one panel or another, no more than one panel can be connected to a port.

The driver is based on a specification entitled “AM6000 Control Panel Serial Protocol for Printer”. No revision or date information is provided with the specification.

The driver can expose communication statistics in a data array and hence an upstream device can monitor these stats.


Formal Driver Type

Passive Client only.


Connection Information

Connection type: RS-232 or RS-485 (Two wire, Half-Duplex)
Baud Rates: Notifier Panels Allow 2400 Baud only.
Driver Allows 110; 300; 600; 1200; 2400; 4800; 9600; 19200; 28800; 38400; 57600; 115200 Baud
Data Bits: 7 (Driver allows 7,8)
Stop Bits: 1 (Driver allows 1,2)
Parity: Even (Driver allows Odd, Even, None)
Multidrop Capability: No


Devices tested:

Device Tested
AM6000 Factory


Communications functions

Supported functions at a glance:
Some sample message lines that can be processed.

ALARM   : FIXED PHOT.  LINE 05 DETECTOR ADDRESS 01           12:56 20/12/00  501
TROUBLE : SIREN SUPERV.LINE INTERRUPTED                      12:59 20/12/00
ALLARME : PULSANTE MAN PULSANTE MAGAZZINO                    09:54 22/10/02  101
GUASTO  : OTTICO ANAL. MAGAZZINO                             09:55 22/10/02  101


Messages Supported

The driver processes lines of text. It differentiates between system messages and device messages.

Lines containing a loop and device number are processed and data is stored based at a location based on the loop & device number.

All other lines are considered to be reports of system status and result in a value being stored based on the type of event being reported.


Languages Supported

The driver provides primary support for messages received in English.

Alarm & Trouble messages from loop addressed devices as well as the block acknowledge are supported if the messages are in Italian.


Unsupported Functions and Data Types

Function Reason
Some system messages have a line number as apart of the message. eg. “Low Voltage on Line 10″ . The driver does not report the line number.
The date and time portion of the message lines are ignored.


Ignored Messages

The driver reports messages that it ignores by allowing the most recent ignored message to be stored in a data array which can easily be read in ASCII format. The driver provides ignored message statistics.

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