FieldServer Driver – Serial
Data Aire DAP

Driver Code: DAP
Version: 1.06a
Protocol Version: N/A
This Document Rev: Rev2
Devices Supported:
Device Tested
DAP II Panel Factory/Customer
DA DAP II p/n 160-300-080 RevE
Software Revision 9.0-STD
Interface: RS485 (RS-232 with converter)
Baud Rates: 2400
Data Bits: 8
Stop Bits: 1
Parity: None
Handshaking: None


Driver Details

The Data Aire Driver is capable of direct connection to a network of Data Aire DAP devices

The Fieldserver is connected in a RS485 loop topology. Two Fieldserver ports are required per loop. The driver is an active client. All data is obtained by poll & response.

The driver may be configured very simply, storing all the data obtained from each field device in a large array. A simple one line configuration tells the driver to store ‘everything’. The driver manual identifies the location in the array of each data field. Advanced configuration are also possible.

The driver is capable of polling for and storing all data available from the following devices

Device Driver Capability Description
1 None 044 data logger
2 Yes 046 expanded DAP
3 Yes 046 2 mod chiller
4 Yes 046 3 mod chiller
5 Yes 048 DAP, 80-character display
6 Yes 049 DAP, 16-character display
7 Yes 080 DAP II, no relay expansion
8 Yes 080 Chiller II
9 Yes 080 DAP II, with relay expansion
10 Not Defined
11 Not Defined
12 Not Defined
13 Not Defined
E Yes 080 DAP II, with analog module
F Yes 080 DAP II, with relay and analog

The driver requires two dedicated RS232 (with 485 converters) or both RS485 ports for each DAP device network.


Performance Issues

Several factors outside Fieldserver’s control make for slow communications with Data Aire devices. The Data Aire communications is based on a very low baud rate. In addition inter-message timing constraints add significant time to each transaction.

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