FS-8700-45 – Grinnell TFX Minerva

FieldServer Driver – Serial


Grinnell TFX Minerva



The Grinnell TFX Minerva driver allows the FieldServer to transfer data from a TFX Fire Alarm System.  The FieldServer connects using RS-232 to a TLT-530 with its Third Party Interface protocol. An RS-232 connection must be dedicated to the Grinnell Interface for each TLT-530 interface used (one per separate fire system).  Using the Grinnell TFX Driver, the FieldServer should be considered a Server, allowing other clients to read states of other panels as well as generate events to the Grinnell system.


Devices tested

Device Tested (FACTORY, SITE)
TFX 500/800 Fire Alarm Panels SITE


Connection Configurations


Connection Notes

The FieldServer plugs into a TLT-530 board installed in a TFX 500/800 fire alarm panel.

The FieldServer appears as a node on the Grinnell Network.


Communications functions – Supported functions at a glance:

Data Types Supported

Alarm State

Alarm State

Alarm State

Fire AlertFire AlarmFire Evac

Call Point Alert

Call Point Evac

Full Evacuate

Input Active

Loop Failure

Probation Finished

Intruder Alarm

Intruder raid

Intruder 24 Hour

Set Timeout

Ground Fault

Waterflow Alarm

Fire Drill

Supervisory Fault

Enable Sig.Delay

Disable Sig.Delay

Medical Alert

Isolate Warning

Coincidence Warning

Delay Started

Shunt Special

Fire Prealarm

Alarm Warning

System Isolate

System De-Isolate

Part Set


Tamper O/C

Tamper S/C

Tamper Lo Id

Tamper Hi Id

Tamper No Response

Password; Too Many Tries

Alarm Verifying

Zonal Unset

Zonal Set

Premises Unoccupied

Premises Occupied

Weekly Test Reminder

Fire Test Alarm

Auto Test Alarm

Probation Alarm

Walk Test Started

Test Finished

Point Tested

Noisy Sensor

Fault – No Response

Fault – Unconf’d Device

Fault – Hi Id

Fault – Lo Id

Fault – Device

Fault – Invalid Cond.

Fault – Lo L.T.A. Cond.

Fault – Hi L.T.A. Cond.

Fault – O/C

Fault – S/C

Fault – A/D Comp.1

Fault – A/D Comp.2

Fault – A/D Comp.3


Output StuckFault – BoardFault – Cp Wiring S/C

Fault – Cp Wiring O/C

Fault – Dm Wiring

Fault – Psu Wiring O/C

Fault – Psu Wiring S/C

Fault – Wiring Fault 1

Fault – Wiring Fault 2

Fault – Lbus

Fault – Rbus

Net Comms Fault

Fault – Rnet

Fault – Alxm Psu

Fault – Battery

Fault – Charger

Fault – Aux Charger

Fault – Mains

Battery Critical

Fault – Sounder

Fault – Sounder Line O/C

Fault – Sounder Line S/C

Fault – Sounder Eol

O/P Control Failure

Xbus Failure

Display Fault

General Fault

Relay Coil Fault

Wiring Short Circuit

Wiring Open Circuit Fault

Configuration Fault

Addr Loop Noise Warning

Zone Isolated

Point Isolated

Signalling Isolated

Zone Deisolated

Point Deisolated

Signalling Deisolated

Data Error 1

Data Error 2

Data Error 3

Data Error 4

Data Error 5

Intruder Shunt Activated

Intruder Shunt Off

Ram Fault

Checksum Failure


Clear From Fault

Point Tested 2

Clear Attention Reqd.

Vesda Airflow Fault

Ram Overflow

Fault Overflow

Earth Fault

Config. Finished

Config. Failed

Printer Offline

Printer Online

Fire Door Closed

Fire Door Open

Fire Door Failed




System Powered UpOperator Log OnOperator Log Off

Manager Log On

Manager Log Off

Engineer Log On

Engineer Log Off

Clock Cleared

Clock Set

System Silence

Input On

Input Off

Point Unset

General Fault Log

Entry Alarm

Intruder Fault

Group Active

Mnau Fault Event

Non-Logging Clear

Non-Logging Fault

Saturn Group Isolated

Saturn Group Connected

Input Active Alarm

Input Active (not logged)

Group Enable

Group Disable

Group Deactivate

Group Reset

Auxiliary Alarm

Not Set Warning

Not Set Alarm

Group Purge Delays

24v Too Hi Fault

Activation Counter

Event Resound

Reset Button

No Panel Response

Response From UNP

Net Module Fault

Net Common Fault

Net Port Left Fault

Net Ground Fault

Net Data Transfer Fault

Net Ring Fault

Net No Panel Supervision

Net Port Right Fault

Alarm Clear

Supervisory Cleared

Non Logging Trouble

Detector Con Low Warning

Detector Con High Warning

User Event #1

User Event #2

User Event #3

User Event #4

User Event #5

User Event #6

User Event #7

User Event #8

User Event #9

User Event #10

User Event #11

User Event #12


Revision History

Date Resp Format Driver Ver. Doc.Rev. Comment
12/20/02 MF 1.00 1 Updated formatting
7/23/03 GFM 1.00 2 Releasing
3/16/04 MC MC 1.00 3 Updated formatting.  Added connection diagram.
6/14/04 JD 1.00 4 Releasing


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