FS-8700-24 – ControlNet

FieldServer Driver – Fieldbus

Driver Code: Cnet
Version 1.00a
Protocol Version: N/A
Interface: FS-B40X — ISA Slot Card


Driver Details

The ControlNet driver allows the Fieldserver to transfer data to and from devices using ControlNet protocol. The SST 5136-CN-ISA Communications Adapter card is included with the FS-40X style FieldServer. The FieldServer can communicate using scheduled or un-scheduled transfers.

When the FieldServer originates PCCC messages to communicate with PLC5 controllers, it uses connected messages. This provides fast reliable communication to the other node. When another device originates PCCC messaging, the FieldServer will emulate a PLC5 controller supporting connected or unconnected messages to files N7 through to N32.

When communicating with scheduled transfers, the connections are defined using the SST configuration tool. Any connection that can be created can be monitored or written if allowed.


Data Types Supported:

Scheduled Data AccessUsing scheduled data is more complicated since it requires that the FieldServer be added to the network schedule with the configuration tool used to configure the ControlNet. The configuration tool provided by SST can be used to build the network model and load it onto the SST card. If Allen-Bradley devices are present on the network, you will need to run RSNetworx after the FieldServer is configured and on-line. SST has provided EDS files on their CD to be used if required by your master configuration tool. 

Data Types Supported Are:

  • Bool
  • Byte
  • Int
  • Real

For PLCs or Local Node use, 32767 instances are available for addressing.


Unscheduled Data Access

This makes use of integer files.
File numbers 7-39 are available locally in the FieldServer and it is possible to access remote file numbers 1-999. There are 1000 addresses available in each file.

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