FS-8700-150 – MBus

FieldServer Driver – Fieldbus

FS-8700 – 150

MBus Driver


M-Bus QuickServer Gateway, FieldServer Technologies enables data access from M-Bus networks and devices to other networks that might be utilizing open and proprietary protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks, Metasys N2 by JCI, SNMP and more.  There are over 100 protocols available in the extensive FieldServer Driver Library.

Connection Information

Isolation: Galvanic isolation
Baud Rates: 300-38400 baud
Hardware interface: Phoenix connector


Mbus Driver Specifications

Baud Rate: 300-38400 baud
Isolation: Galvanic isolation
Hardware Interface: Phoenix connector
Power consumption: 8W to support 64 M-Bus slaves
M-Bus standards supported: EN 13757-2 (physical and link layer) and EN 13757-3 (application layer)


Supported MBus Data Types

Actuality duration
Amps (amps)
Averaging Duration
Device Address
Energy (KWh or J)
External Temp. (°C)
Flow Temp. (°C)
Mass (Kg)
Mass flow (Kg/h)
On Time (Hours)
Operating Time (Hrs.)
Power (KW or J/h)
Pressure (Bar)
Return Temp. (°C)
Temp. diff. (°K)
Temp. limit (°C)
Volts (V)
Volume (m3, feet3, gallon)
Vol. Flow (M3/h, m3/min, M3/sec, gallon/hr, gallon/min, gallon/s)

Mbus Gateway Advanced Functions

Data Relocate

Scaling Checking your configuration Passive Client applications
Data Manipulation Logic Active Server applications Reporting Node Status
Bit packing Profiles Web discovery interface

Web browser interface

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