FS-8700-15 – Modbus Daniels

FieldServer Driver


Modbus Daniels



Modbus Daniels is an inclusion into Modbus ASCII, allowing floats to be used. Modbus Daniels is designed to support floats in the address range 7000 to 7999. The “Double” data type is not supported. Other standard Modbus data types are supported. The FieldServer can only emulate a client.


FieldServer Mode Nodes Comments
Client 1 The FieldServer can only emulate one client node but can communicate with up to 255 other Modbus Daniels devices. The achievable number of devices may be limited due to device loading and network speed characteristics. Only one client node allowed on multidrop systems.


Formal Driver Type


Client only


Compatibility Matrix

FieldServer Model Compatible with this driver
FS-x2010 Yes
FS-x2011 Yes
FS-x40 Yes


Connection Information

Connection type: EIA232 or EIA485 (Two wire, Half-Duplex)
Baud Rates: 110; 300; 600; 1200; 2400; 4800; 9600; 19200; 28800; 38400; 57600; 115200 Baud
Data Bits: 7,8
Stop Bits: 1,2
Parity: Odd, Even, None
Multidrop Capability Yes , No


Devices tested

Device Tested (FACTORY, SITE)
To be confirmed. SITE


Connection configurations


Communications functions – Supported functions at a glance:

Data Types Supported

FieldServer Data Type Description (or Device Data Type)
Analog Input Analog Input Registers
Digital Input Discrete Input Registers
Analog Register Input and Output Registers
Digital Register Input and Output Registers
Analog Output Analog Output Registers
Digital Output Discrete Output Registers
Floating Point Floating Point Register


Read and Write Operations supported


FieldServer as a Client
Read Analog Status:
Read Output Registers (4xxxx)Read Input Registers (3xxxx)
Read Binary Status:
Read Discrete Output Status (0xxxx)Read Discrete Input Status (1xxxx)
Write Analog Setpoints:
Preset Single Register (4xxxx)Preset Multiple Registers (4xxxx)
Write Binary Commands:
Force Single Coil (0xxxx) excluding (7xxx-7999)Force Multiple Coils (0xxxx) excluding (7xxx-7999)
Read Floating Point Value:
Read Floating Point Register (7xxx – 7999)
Write Floating Point Value:
Set Floating Point Register (7xxx – 7999)


Unsupported Functions and Data Types


Function Reason
Programming messages FieldServer is a data transfer device, and as such, programming messages are not required

Revision History


Date Resp Format Driver Ver. Doc.Rev. Comment
12/08/03 DR 1.00dB 1 Updated to new format.
12/09/03 DR 1.00dB 2 Removed server driver capability until supported.
12/09/03 DR 1.00dB 3 Better explain client node capabilities.
04/05/04 Meg Meg 1.00dB 4 Updated formatting.  Added connection diagram.  Added new revision table.
6/14/04 JD 1.00dB 5 Releasing


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