FS-8700-112 – Fire Control Instruments – FCI 7100 Series

FieldServer Driver – Serial


Fire Control Instruments – FCI 7100 Series



The FCI 7100 Series System Control Units are manufactured by Fire Control Instruments.  A 7100 with an enabled serial port can transmit data to a FieldServer which can, in turn, make the data available to other devices including those which communicate using different protocols (e.g. BACnet)

This is a passive Client driver which does not poll for data, nor does it send data or commands to the 7100.  Messages received from the 7100 are ignored or stored on the FieldServer depending on the status of the panel.  The method of message processing and location on the FieldServer is determined in the FieldServer configuration file.  Once stored in the FieldServer the data is available to be read or written using other protocols such as BACnet.

No automatic panel data synchronization technique exists. The data in the FieldServer and the panel status have to be synchronized manually. This typically requires a panel reset.

Since the driver cannot send data or commands to the 7100 it cannot be used to acknowledge, silence or reset alarms and other events.

The driver can process the single line messages sent from 7100 firmware versions earlier than 2.20 and 3 line messages produced in firmware versions 2.20 and later.  Processing of 3 line messages requires the 20 character System ID label to be defined.

The driver provides both client and server emulation.  The server side of the driver is intended to support FieldServer’s Quality Assurance program and is not intended to provide complete emulation of a 7100 and is thus not fully documented.

The driver can process messages from networked panels.  The driver connects to the main panel.  Subsidiary panels are configured to send event data to the main panel which then sends messages to the FieldServer.  If the panel is configured to send 3 line messages then the source node information is sent in the line preceding the event and the driver uses this to determine the panel at which the event originated and to store data appropriately.


FieldServer Mode Nodes Comments
Client 1 1 Node per serial port.  If there is more than one alarm panel they can be networked and configured to send event data to the primary panel. The driver can process messages which identify the node of origin.
Server N/A Server side is not supported. See description.


Formal Driver Type


Passive Client


Compatibility Matrix

FieldServer Model Compatible with this driver
FS-x2010 Yes
FS-x2011 Yes
FS-x40 Yes
FS-x30 Yes


Connection Information

Connection type: RS-232
Baud Rates: 9600 – Vendor Limitation
Data Bits: 8 – Vendor Limitation
Stop Bits: 1 – Vendor Limitation
Parity: None – Vendor Limitation
Multidrop Capability No


Devices tested

Device Tested (FACTORY, SITE)
FCI 7100 Series SITE (FCI Distributor)


Connection configurations


Connection Notes

FieldServer connects using pre-assembled RJ45-RJ11/12 connector to J1 on FCI 7100 board.


Functions Described

The driver listens passively for messages from the 7100 serial interface.  The driver assumes that each message relates either to the 7100 or a single point.

A point is considered to be a zone, relay output, loop, ALU sensor or ALU Module.

If the driver has not been configured to store data for particular points then messages containing status information for those points will be ignored.

The driver may be configured store data in any combination of the following. Multiple methods may be used for each point.

  1. Store the type of event (by storing an index number – Zero for restore) or
  2. Store a ‘1’ when an event occurs and a zero when an  event is restored or
  3. Recognize only specified events for a point. Example. Configure driver to store alarm events for point L1M03 at one location and store trouble events at others.  The selection is limited to Alarm, Fault, Trouble. All other events are captured as ‘Other’.

New event types can be added to the driver using the configuration file. This feature may allow the driver to capture new events when the FCI panel firmware is updated to generate new event types.


Panel Synchronization

Manual synchronization is required. Push the reset button on the panel. This transmits a reset message to the FieldServer, which clears the data in the FieldServer. After a reset the panel sends messages to report all abnormal states. When all these messages have been processed the FieldServer and panel will be synchronized.  This process can be repeated at any time.


Unsupported Devices or Protocol Options

Item Details
Event Date and time, Device Type Identifier (Signal Ckt 1, Municipal Circuit etc) , Unit Identifier ( 7100, QZU etc), User define Label This data is discarded.



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