FS-8700-101 – Setra Digital Pressure Gage Model 370 Driver


FieldServer Driver – Serial


Setra Digital Pressure Gage Model 370 Driver




The ‘Setra Model 370 Digital Pressure Gage driver allows the FieldServer to transfer data to and from devices over either RS-232 or RS-485 using the ‘Setra Model 370 Digital Pressure Gage’ protocol.  The FieldServer can emulate either a Server or Client.

The driver implements a subset of the commands and responses that an actual Setra Model 370 Digital Pressure Gage is capable of.  Thus the driver permits the transfer of current pressure information, gauge status information and the processing of gage verification information.

The driver is capable of providing active Client and passive Server support.  An active Client is one that polls for data and processes responses, it is not capable of processing unsolicited messages from the remote device.  A passive Server can respond to polls but is not capable of sending unsolicited messages reporting change of state or other information.

When configured as a Client it is important the digital gage is configured correctly and that it is left in an operational mode where it can respond easily to the commands sent to it.  If a user were to operate the gage from its front panel and leave it in a configuration state, awaiting input from a user, then the gage would be incapable of responding to commands from the FieldServer.  The driver cannot write to the digital gage.  Thus alarm set points and other configuration tasks cannot be performed using a FieldServer.


Max Nodes Supported

FieldServer Mode Nodes Comments
Client 1 This is a node-less protocol.  One Client per FieldServer port.
Server 1 This is a node-less protocol.  One Client per FieldServer port.


Formal Driver Type


Client or Server


Compatibility Matrix

FieldServer Model Compatible with this driver
FS-x2010 Yes
FS-x2011 Yes
FS-x40 Yes
FS-x30 Yes


Connection Information

Connection type: RS-232
Baud Rates: Vendor Device Supports:  300, 600, 1200, 1800, 2400, 3600, 4800 or 9600. Default is 2400.Driver Supports:  110; 300; 600; 1200; 2400; 4800; 9600; 19200; 28800; 38400; 57600; 115200 Baud
Data Bits: Vendor Device Supports: 8Driver Supports: 7,8
Stop Bits: Vendor Device Supports:  1Driver Supports:  1,2
Parity: Vendor Device Supports:  NoneDriver Supports:  Odd, Even, None
Multidrop Capability No


Devices tested

Device Tested (FACTORY, SITE)
Setra 370 Factory


Connection configurations

Connection Notes

The protocol is node-less. This means that messages do not contain information about the address or name of a device and thus messages from multiple devices can not be distinguished. For this reason only one device may be connected per port.


Communications functions – Supported functions at a glance:

The following table lists the commands that have been implemented.





P – Immediate Print of Pressure Reading



SP – Status Print



V – Verification String



All others



Data Types Supported

The protocol offers no explicit support for data types. They are not relevant to this driver.


Read Operations supported

The read operations supported are listed above.


Write (control) Operations supported

This driver cannot be used to write to the pressure gage.


Unsupported Functions and Data Types

Only 3 commands have been implemented. See the list above. Other commands can be added at a customer’s request. Please contact sales.



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