FS-8700-09 – Notifier 1010/2020

FieldServer Driver – Serial


Notifier 1010/2020


Due to the nature of the Notifier drivers and the adaptability of the FieldServer, configuration of the Notifier side of the FieldServer is straight forward.  The Notifier driver will always function as a Client driver, thus the primary purpose is for the Notifier Fire Alarm Panel to write information to the FieldServer to be passed on to another device.  Three pre-configured Data Arrays are provided with this driver.  The FieldServer automatically assigns the device internal Node ID of station 257.  .

The driver is capable of parsing and storing zone alarm and trouble states. They are latched and cleared when a Network System Reset is received.



The Status Bits are the data strings coming from Notifier to set or clear any one of 8209 bits of information in the following order:

Parameter Bits
Detector Alarms 0 – 1023
Detector Alarms Unacknowledged 1024 – 2047
Module Alarms 2048 – 3071
Module Alarms Unacknowledged 3071 – 4095
Detector Trouble 4096 – 5119
Detector Trouble Unacknowledged 5120 – 6143
Module Trouble 6144 – 7167
Module Trouble Unacknowledged 7168 – 8191
Common Bits 8192 – 8207
Control Bits 8208 — 8209
Reserved for future use. 8210 — 8299
Zone Alarms 8220 –- 8499
Zone Troubles 8500 — 8699
‘Level’ Alarms 8800 — 9099
‘Level’ Troubles 9100 — 9399

The Control Bits are as follows:

Parameter Bit
Ack/Step 8208
System Reset 8209

The TAC-Americas heartbeat bit:

Parameter Bit
TAC-Americas Heartbeat 8210

The Common Bits are as follows:

Parameter Bit
Detector Alarms 8192
Detector Alarms Unacknowledged 8193
Module Alarms 8194
Module Alarms Unacknowledged 8195
Detector Trouble 8196
Detector Trouble Unacknowledged 8197
Module Trouble 8198
Module Trouble Unacknowledged 8199
Alarms 8200
Alarms Unacknowledged 8201
Trouble 8202
Trouble Unacknowledged 8203
Supervise Sent 8204
Ignored Message 8205
All Systems Normal 8206
ESC X NUL 8207


The Notifier supports the following Alarm States:

Alarm States


The Notifier supports the following Detectors:




Text_Regs – This is the text string coming from Notifier that matches the information on the display of the 1010 or 2020 and contains two sets 400 16-bit registers which is equivalent to 10 lines by 80 characters for each set.


Supervise – This is a 2-character string from Notifier providing a “supervise” signal to the Notifier Fire Alarm Panel when hot standby is alive.  It also appears to the Client as 2 single coil if it is being sent.


FieldServer’s with the Notifier driver installed already have the Data Array configured and are ready to use with the 1010 or 2020.  The user only needs to configure the Server side of the FieldServer, the interface to the non-Notifier device.


Level Status – ‘Level’ Alarms are only set when ‘ALARM’ messages are received. ‘ACTIVE’ messages are treated as troubles for the purpose of ‘Level’ status.


Should you use the Notifier INA driver (FS-8700-25) or the Notifier 1010/2020 Driver (FS-8700-09)?


Use the FS-8700-25 driver if your FieldServer is connected to an INA device and in turn, the Notifier field panels are connected to the INA which serves as a gateway. One INA panel can be connected to each FieldServer port.


Use the FS-8700-09 driver if your FieldServer is connected directly to a 1010 or 2020 panel. One panel can be connected to each FieldServer port.

Revision History


Date Driver Version Document Revision Resp Comment
6/18/03 1.06 2 RJC Added tables with Alarm states and Detectors
7/16/03 1.06 3 MF Formatted document.
8/14/03 1.06 4 JD Releasing


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