FS-8700-02 – Modbus Plus

FieldServer Driver – Fieldbus
Modbus Plus

Driver Code: MB+
Version: 1.00
Devices Supported: Modbus+ devices
Interface: SA85 (requires the 8915-01 Modbus Plus Single Port or 8915-19 Modbus Plus Dual Port Adapter Card)


Command/SubCommand Supported:

Command Description
01 Read Discrete Output Status (0xxxx)
02 Read Discrete Input Status (1xxxx)
03 Read Output Registers (4xxxx)
04 Read Input Registers (3xxxx)
05 Force Single Coil (0xxxx)
06 Preset Single Register (4xxxx)
15 Force Multiple Coils (0xxxx)
16 Preset Multiple Registers (4xxxx)


User can configure FieldServer to handle Modbus Plus internal paths 1-8, each path can handle 254 Modbus Station addresses.

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