FS-8700-01 – Modbus RTU

FieldServer Driver – Serial
Modbus RTU


The Modbus RTU driver allows the FieldServer to transfer data to and from devices over either RS-232 or RS-485 using Modbus RTU protocol. The FieldServer is capable of being used as a port expander.

The FieldServer can emulate either a Server or Client. The FieldServer is capable of supporting devices that use two Modbus Registers to transfer IEEE floating point format.

Fieldserver Mode Nodes Comments
Client 1 Only 1 client node allowed on Multidrop systems
Server 255 Actual electrical loading may reduce number of usable server nodes


Formal Driver Type

  • Serial
  • Client or Server


Compatibility Matrix

FieldServer Model Compatible with this driver
FS-x2010 Yes
FS-x2011 Yes
FS-x40 Yes
FS-x30 Yes


Connection Information

Connection type: RS-232 or RS-485 (Two wire, Half-Duplex)
Baud Rates: 110-11520
Data Bits: 8
Stop Bits: 1
Parity: None
Multidrop Capability: Yes


Devices tested

Device Tested (FACTORY, SITE)
Modbus RTU Devices Factory
Liebert Sitelink Customer
Square D Activar 58 Customer
Triatek Customer
WonderWare InTouch Factory
Fix Intellution Factory
GE Cimplicity Customer
Modscan Factory
GE PLEPM Factory
ABB Extrel Customer
Andover Controls Customer
Eurotherm Chessel Customer
Sierra Monitor Sentry Factory
Magnatek Customer
Others Please contact Factory


Connection configurations


Communications functions – Supported functions at a glance:

Function Codes Supported:

Function Codes Description
01 Read Discrete Output Status (0xxxx)
02 Read Discrete Input Status (1xxxx)
03 Read Output Registers (4xxxx)
04 Read Input Registers (3xxxx)
05 Force Single Coil (0xxxx)
06 Preset Single Register (4xxxx)
15 Force Multiple Coils (0xxxx)
16 Preset Multiple Registers (4xxxx)
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