Control Systems and Automation


Providing solutions by integrating our clients’ needs in terms of safety, daily operations and management disciplines with appropriate control technologies and Human Machine Interfaces.

Automation provides reliability, safety, repeatability and standardization as well as providing a solution route where tasks are too complex or dangerous for humans to manage.


Our Solutions are Enabling

  • They will not only solve specific operational requirements but they will allow easy integration into other systems such as marketing, inventory, preventative maintenance and corporate database and intranet applications.
  • They will make your operators better and faster at diagnosing faults and hence make your facilities more productive.
  • They will make plants easier and safer to operate by applying the science of human response and visualization.


We have core skill competencies with a range of technologies including PLC’s, DCS and micro-processor based control and a range of Human Machine Interface and SCADA applications on a range of operating systems. Applications include machine automation, telemetry, batch and recipe processes, continuous processes and non-linear control. Industries include marine, environmental, mining, manufacturing, materials handling, warehousing and food & beverage.


We have solved many systems integration, data acquisition and communications problems utilizing in-house driver and protocol development skills, electronics & telemetry design and build capabilities and experience in the field.


We have experience in designing processes, designing PFD’s & P&ID’s, control system topologies, control cabinets, operator consoles & panels, control rooms, staging and testing equipment, simulation, designing interfaces to external systems, building HMI’s, installing & commissioning and providing operator & support staff training.


We can provide these skills as part of a project team, as a complete solution vendor and as consultants in a design, audit and advisory role.




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