Control Systems and Automation:

      • PLC and relay based control systems
      • Power generation (exciter, governor, auxiliary, start/stop controls)
      • AC, DC motor starters, switchgear and variable speed drives (up to 3000 hp)
      • Line control (laminators, winders, sorters)
      • Process control (mining, food, wastewater)


      • Level, pressure, temperature, flow, proximity & limit sensing systems
      • Rotating machine speed sensing
      • Generator machine condition monitoring
      • Partial discharge monitoring
      • Air gap and vibration monitoring systems
      • Vision systems for packaging applications


      • SCADA systems
      • Remote telemetry
      • Networking


      • PLC programming (Allen-Bradley, Modicon, GE, Omron, Toshiba, TI-Siemens, ABB-Fupla)
      • MMI programming (PanelView, RSView, WonderWare, PanelMate, Factorylink)
      • Communications (RSLinx, TCP/IP, PCAnywhere, Procomm, etc.)
      • C, C++ and VB (can provide custom drivers and applications)
      • Fault Analysis/Load Flow (Cyme)
      • CADD (AutoCad, Autosketch, Ustation)
      • MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, Project, PowerPoint, Explorer, Outlook, etc.)

Construction management:

      • Contract administration: negotiations, change orders, field work orders, timesheets, safety
      • Installation supervision
      • Quality assurance/control (QA/QC) procedures

Commissioning management:

    • Test sheets (insulation resistance, hi pot, meggar, continuity, ground assurance, etc.)
    • Deficiency lists including database design/management, issue to construction
    • Liaison between design, operations, vendor reps, construction and construction management
    • Commissioning schedules
    • Lockout and equipment handover procedures and package organization
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