Customize Targeting With Google AdWords

Customize targeting is for advertiser with an audience in a specific geographical area. Your ad will only appear to people searching for results in the area you define. You can target an entire region or alternatively only a circular region around a point in that region. This is particularly useful when you only want to target a specific distance around your business location. Customize targeting is the third location targeting option under your “target customers by location” options.

With customize targeting you have three options. First you can choose to create a circle around a physical address or secondly you can choose it around a point that you select on a map. The third option is to enter or select multiple longitude and latitude points on a map to form a multi sided shape or polygon that can cover any area you like. It’s important to note that the boundaries of your multi point region may never cross.

Once you have created your customize targeted campaign you can update and make changes at any time and as often as you like.